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One Magnet Electronic (M) Sdn Bhd is specialized in Sintered NdFeB, Sintered SmCo, Cast Alnico, Ferrite Magnet (Ceramic), Bonded NdFeB and Rubber Magnet.

With the joint venture of XIAMEN ONE MAGNET ELECTRONIC CO. LTD. (CHINA). Our factory has 10 years of experience in manufacturing quality magnets for customers. Our Engineering Dept, Quality Control Dept (Incoming, In-process, FQC, QA), Production Dept, Logistic Dept and Marketing Dept already well establish to co-operate with you & your company to success.

By awarded ISO 9002 certificate. We are complying the production process, material handling and customer inquiry under ISO 9002 Standard and Procedure.

The main products: Sintered Nd-Fe-B, Cast & Sintered Alnico, Sintered SmCo, Ferrite Magnet and Rubber Magnet.

Ferrite magnet, Permanent-magnet iron oxide in made of SrO or Bao and Fe2O3 and is made by ceramic processing technology. Now we have 6 models of Permanent-Magnet iron oxide products, product Y10T, Y20, Y25, Y20, Y35, Y30BH. 

NdFeB magnet, NdFeB, the third generation of rare-earth permanent magnet, has the high permanence, high coercive force, high-energy product and high performance/cost ratio, we can product N33, N35, N40, N42, N45, N48, 33H, 35H, 40H, 42H, 33SH, 35SH, 40H, 42H, 33SH, 35SH, 38SH, 40SH, 28UH, 30UH, 33UH, 28EH, 30EH.

Alnico, describes a family of materials, which is derived from a common base composition comprising of aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron with varying additions of other elements. By varying the composition it is possible to tailor the magnetic properties to meet the needs of a wide variety of end use applications.

SmCo, the second generation of Rare Earth permanent magnet, SmCo not only has high energy ranging from 14MGOe to 28MGOe and reliable coercive force, but also exhibits the best temperature characteristics in Rare Earth material family. Compared with NdFeB, SmCo are suitable for working higher temperature.

We can manufacture magnet with a variety of shapes and dimensions including block, bar, disk, ring, cylinder, hollow cylinder, sector, tile, etc. and also by way of plating into nickel, zinc, epoxy, and plastic, silver and gold to magnet.   

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